2D Detailing

At PlanIT Design Group we take great pride in providing the best service for our clients that we can whilst endeavouring to create the best outcome for a project and the project team. We aim to provide clear and concise shop drawings that are functional and easy to read. Over the years we have been innovative and creative to help achieve some of these goals. One such concept is our color-coded erection plans. With each issue of shop drawings we issue colour coded erection plans, which indicate the detailing status of every piece of steel on the erection plans. At a quick glance fabricators, builders, architects, engineers and project managers can see which structural steel members are issued for approval or issued for construction or members that are not yet drawn or have been placed on hold. Another innovation is our map reference technique for finding individual members on erection plans. Down the right hand side of our erection plans is a list of the member marks for that particular erection plan, which are listed in numerical order. Beside each member mark is a map reference. By looking at the relevant map reference i.e.  F3 you can narrow the location of the member you are searching for down to a small square on the plan (it is the same method used for finding a road in a street map). Each individual shop drawing is also referenced to one or more erection plans. This whole process provides a quick and hassle free method for locating any piece of steel on any number of erection plans. It is especially useful for erection on site, in the fabrication shop for tracking steelwork and for the consultants in the checking / approval process. These routines operate from a computer data base which enables us to produce up to date drawing registers and various other reports which can be tailored to suit individual client needs for tracking steelwork, from procurement through to site delivery. Please take the time to peruse the sample marking plans and shop drawings on the links below.